a random babble about creative industry

*sipping coffee*


ehem ehem… *check sound*

…WELL, we have four economic sectors, which are agriculture, manufacturing, services, and the last one is creative industry. We are going through a period of growth in the creative industry sector. Therefore, we should focus on human resources instead of natural resources.


Several short term problems can be solved by creative industry, such as slow economic growth after the last crises (average 4,5% per annum), high rates of unemployment (9% – 10%), high rates of poverty (16% – 17%), and also poor competitiveness.


Creative industry tends toward a greener economy and is creating added value for products and services. Therefore, this sector is expected to answer some challenges on the issues of global warming, utilization of renewable energy, deforestation, and carbon emission.


Basicaly, all opportunities are also challenges. Creative industry creates chances but it also had obstacles to face. At least, we have  five fundamental problems, which are human resource quality and quantity, easy doing business, appreciation for creative industry player, how fast information and technology growing, and not many funding institution wants to help the creative industry.


Eventhough we have so many homework here, I believe, capital isn’t so important. Experience isn’t so important. You, said Harvey Firestone, can get both these things. “What is important is ideas. If you have ideas there isn’t any limit to what you can do with your business”.

hmmm… *sipping coffee*



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