Personal Calling

flowers of compassion. [dok. pribadi]

“But it’s still there.”

I was discovering that sentence when I was reading a book, the famous one: The Alchemist. This isn’t exist in the middle of the story but in the author’s note. “It” refers to what is Coelho called as “personal calling”.

What is a personal calling? It’s like something make me shock. But Coelho called a personal calling as God’s blessing. It is the path that God chose for me here on earth. Personal calling is like someone’s strongest dream ever. This thing make you do something with enthusiasm.

But the time flies, then our personal calling deeply buried in our soul. It became invisible. But, it is still there. Not died, just buried deep. And now I’ll try for digging it one more time.


I’ll dig for many times.

-Tangerang, June 27 2016.-


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