is this all I want?



I did find that dream profession when I was at senior high school. Probably it was just mindless dream. No matter what, I want it then (Alhamdulillah) I reach it. I don’t really remember how I’ve been finally getting here. But yes, I am here, working as a journalist. I have fascinated by my own journey because this has taught me many things in life.

But time passed away then I realize something; it needs an enormous effort for holding on within journalism river. It is totally not easy to strict on the etics. I feel my power have drained slowly. My spirit has buried. I am nothing in the journalism world.



Dusk was falling as I laid on my pillow; thinking about this. Either my heart and head mumbling each other. My heart is trying to prod the head. I kinda still don’t know what happen with me. Probably it just because “kurang piknik” hahaha. Yeah, I don’t know. All of these apparently vague for me, wondering; is this really all I want?


Tangerang, June 30 2016


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