Dear Me


Dear me,

Your life. And, today.

Both have same habit because they will end. After this “life”, you’ll go into the other side. Then, “today” will sublimate to the next days.

What did you do when “today” come? Have you feeling grateful for everything? Is there no regrets? There’s no madness? How if the answers are “no”, are you going to withdraw from the world?

Hei you, you made it! It is okay for not being perfect. It’s totally okay. At least, you decided try to live the way you are; with gratitude, with courage, with peace, with acceptance, and with humor.

I know that you don’t need people who ask you to fulfill their terms for their own acceptance and approval. But those people will always exist around, however. All you have to do is keep calm. Because no matter what, all of us should be better. So, be yourself, but do not stop there, be the best version of you.

Then, what I will be?

I want to be a store sometimes. A store that sell refreshment. Everything available at my store will nourish my customers souls. So, they will come back over and over again. Because life is not only about me, nor what the world gave to me. It is about what can I do for others, and how I talk to the universe.

With love,



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